Things To Do In Hangzhou, China

China attracts huge tourism throughout the year. The country has a state of the art infrastructure, amusement parks, natural abodes, temples, and an epitome of Buddhism.  History and technology reside parallel in China; while the rest of the world is still struggling to cope with the pandemic, China rides back to normalcy. If you want to travel, make sure that you book your flight tickets via Cathay Pacific.


  • Xihu (West Lake): The west lake in Hangzhou is a spectacular place and a ‘must-see’ in your list. The incredibly beautiful lake is surrounded by the pagoda, gardens, temples, and some alluring artificial islands. This site was rated as one of the best reports in China as recorded in 1985. This spectacular site was named as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2011. The wets lake is famous for the beautiful ten scenes known as the ‘Xihu Shi Jing’ collectively. They are placed just like heaven and appear magnificent.
  • Lingyin temple: The Lingyin temple was established during 326 AD, under the leadership of the Eastern Jin dynasty, founded by Master Hui Li, who is a Western monk. Being one of the oldest and largest Buddhist temples in China, it’s a solemn and beautiful structure. Tourists visiting here love the architectural style and is a great place for photography lovers. The temple has a grand structure with several sacred halls like the Yaowang Hall, Mahavira Hall, and the Heavenly Kings Hall, which covers an area of almost 90,000 square meters.
  • Fei Lai Feng: Fei Lai Feng is a sculptured mountain, composed of limestone, 168 meters high, and consist of 345 handcrafted Buddhist statues. The ancient statues are made during the reign of the Song, Yuan, and the Five Dynasties. This structure is known as the ‘Fei Lai’ or flying since the mountain is believed to flew from a place and landed to the present location, just the way a meteorite does.
  • Leifeng Pagoda: This is a five-story tower with eight sides located in the South of West Lake built during the 975 AD when the Five Dynasties and the Ten Kingdom ruled. The pagoda is very much talked over since the story revolved around some fictitious character described in ‘The Legend of the White Snake’. This describes the story of the scholar Xu Xian who met the snake demon called Bai Suzhen. According to the story, Bai was finally imprisoned by the Buddhist monk in the Leifang Pagoda for eternity. The story and its significance bring fame to the Pagoda, thereby making the tourist spot one of the most popular in the country.
  • Xixi Wetland Park: The Xixi Wetland Park is a huge area sprawling over 11.5 square kilometers, is one of China’s 5A rated tourist attraction. They have over six waterbodies, wild animals, natural plants, and some beautiful scenery that will provide you a fabulous experience. You have various scenic spots that are worth visiting, like the autumn snow temple, hazy fishing village, anchorage hatching, and a Xixi water attic, which are placed at an alluring location, never seen anywhere beyond this place.
  • Songcheng Park: The biggest sing dynasty theme park is situated in Songcheng, China, which receives almost six million tourists around the year. The dazzling show, reflecting glitz and glamour is bestowed with the title, ‘Top three most famous shows of the world’, next to the O show and Moulin Rouge. Be interested in Chinese culture, and you would surely visit the park, knowing about the ancient Chinese custom and interesting stories.
  • Hefang street walks: Walk around Hefang Street situated in the Qinghe Lane, recognized as the antique pedestrian shopping street which is saturated with paper cutting stores, pillow shops, teahouses, sugar candy sculptors, and many more. You may walk around the street and like go back to the time machine as you pass by shops like Fang Hui Chung selling Chinese medicine, Zhang Xiao Quan for scissor store, and many exploring the local history. Experience the life of the then Hangzhou people, which could be the most fabulous experience of your trip.

Discover one of the most ancient civilizations in China. Explore the renowned temples, education centers, amusement parks, and skyscrapers. While the future boasts of a powerful tech-savvy country, the past stands to remind how the ancestors proudly established their culture in the land.