3 Reasons For Using A King’s Peak Hammock

Imagine it: slightly swaying in the breeze, the sound of the wind in the leaves dancing above you. Portable hammocks have taken the market by storm over the past few years as more and more people are realizing the freedom, comfort, and benefit of having a portable bed, chair, or couch to carry with them on their various adventures. Their rising popularity, however, has caused a flood in the market, making it difficult to know which product is the right one for you. Not all are created equal and differing features appeal to various demographics.

Peak Hammock

Are you wanting to take your hammock game to the next level? The Kings Peak Hammock boasts numerous features to help you do just that. Check out these three top reasons for choosing this particular hammock – and find out why it’s a top seller with awesome reviews.

Ultralight: Take it Everywhere!

Portable hammocks often take the place of camping furniture or camp chairs; this concretes their place as a favorite accessory for backpackers and avid outdoors enthusiasts. While most portable hammocks are lightweight, the separate suspension system can often add bulk that you don’t always want. This is particularly true when you’re backpacking or even day-hiking; when hiking you want everything as light as possible as every extra ounce creates more of a burden on your body as the trip goes on. The total package weighs just 2.5 pounds – that’s including the suspension system. Everything fits perfectly in the compact carrying bag, allowing you to hang it from a backpack with a carabiner or, in certain situations, in your backpack! With its low weight and ultra-compact design, this hammock is ideal for every situation: backpacking; camping; get-togethers; and even indoor use.

King Size: More Room for You – or Two!

Yes – it’s a king-sized portable hammock. Unlike many portable hammocks that cocoon their user without a lot of wiggle room (don’t get us wrong – that can be super comfortable!), this hammock is a generous 6-feet wide and 11-feet long. Imagine being able to get cozy with your favorite person in a hammock without fearing the strength of the fabric failing or suspension system buckling. Many lightweight hammocks are designed for small or average adults, making it difficult for some people to find their perfect fit. This hammock’s king size is ideal for people who weigh a little more than average. Kings Peak is sturdy enough to hold up to 400 pounds without fail, ideal for couples or larger people who have a hard time finding a portable hammock to suit their needs.

Fast Setup: Heavy-duty Accessories for Fail-safe Setup

Despite being ultra-lightweight, this hammock’s setup is lightning-fast and simple. Many hammocks come with either no suspension system or one that is more of a hassle than a convenience. The straps for this hammock wrap easily around your support structure (trees, stands, poles, etc) as long as they’re between 11- and 20-feet apart, giving you a bit more freedom when you may not have support structures close enough for standard hammocks. The micro-adjustable buckles allow you to quickly put your hammock up at the right height. When all is said and done, you can set this hammock up in 30 seconds and be ready to relax – it will likely take you longer to choose the perfect spot to hang your hammock than it does to set up!

Choosing a hammock may not seem like an important task, but for those who enjoy the outdoors or want the benefit of a hammock inside their home, their choice can make or break the experience. What do people look for in a travel hammock? Durability, comfort, and a lightweight for portability. The Kings Peak checks all the boxes for many people and the above reasons are why!