To Meet Or Not To Meet a Russian Girl?

To Meet Or Not To Meet a Russian Girl

Russia is a country whose women make up an essential part of the national culture. Actually, women of which other nation are the subject of so many jokes and stereotypes? But what about their true image? And is it a good idea to date them?

Why do Russian women and western men match perfectly?

Being a part of Slavic nations, most Russians adhere to traditional family values and the central point for a Russian woman is her marriage and family. She can have an excellent education and be a busy professional, but she is able to handle magically both the family and the work. No matter how independent she is, her ideal life must include a meaningful relationship with a man. You can get acquainted with the most fascinating Russian women clicking the button.

Why do Russian women and western men match perfectly

On the other hand, the western males seem to be completely disappointed with the western females who seem to be too much concerned about career with prejudice against marriage and kids. Then, extraordinary beauty and the most natural desire of Russian women to find a life partner make them very attractive for every western man who still has not given up his dream to meet true love.

Which are characteristic features of Russian girls?

The first thing to attract you is surely Russian women’s beauty — feminine and voluptuous, enough to dazzle you — so you won’t be able to evaluate their character and behavior soberly. But here is our list of these peculiarities which you can study in advance. Thus, most Russian girls are:

  • affectionate partners;
  • very sexy and indeed perfect lovers;
  • caring mothers;
  • faithful wives;
  • mentally strong;
  • optimistic


In fact, you can also meet a Russian girl who is actually not so beautiful as a popular stereotype foreshadows, but you would scarcely notice it as all Russian women know how to present themselves. You will never ever see any of them without proper titillating made before a date.

Moreover, she is a master of communication and her amiable disposition towards you is her secret weapon which she is certain to exercise on the very first date you meet. To understand if you are prepared for such a shot, take into account the following considerations.

7 Reasons why you should date a Russian woman

You will most probably start dating a Russian girl online, on one of the international sites, but even this meeting format can fascinate you as, while communicating, your Russian interlocutor is sure to be special.

  1. She is very emotional. It is very important to form an emotional bond with your Russian woman right on the first online date. Russian women express their thoughts and feelings straight, so, if you feel that there’s no lively conversation between you, it means she doesn’t give enough credence to you.
  2. There are no taboo subjects for her. Your Russian girl is indeed straightforward and frank. She can speak about very personal things — about her, about you. Yes, she can speak about sex, but don’t get it wrong — this is not a call for sex, this is just an open talk.
  3. She is attentive. She would like to hear much about your life, interests, preferences, country and problems. She is a good listener, and she will care much about you even on the online stage.
  4. She has a wide area of interests. Your Russian lady may have several hobbies, be keen on literature, art or whatever. As a rule, she has a wonderful education, so she can’t be boring to communicate.

She is loyal. Russian women

  1. She is loyal. Russian women tend to look after a serious partnership on online dating sites, so if you gain your Russian woman’s confidence, you may become her only one, and she will be extraordinarily faithful.
  2. Her look is a pleasure. Dating online is comfortable — you can chat right in your pajamas, but for your Russian girl this is not an option. Her physical attractiveness is always accompanied by a stylish outfit.
  3. She knows how to have fun. Even online dates with a Russian girl can be entertaining. However, to discover the Russian soul completely you would rather attend a Russian party with your Russian girl. That’s fun for sure…

7 Reasons why you shouldn’t date a Russian woman

Reasons why you shouldn't date a Russian woman

However fun it may be to date a Russian woman, it may be the wrong choice for you, especially if you plan soon to shift from online dates to «real» meetings. In this case, the singularities you have noticed while dating online will take even more explicit shape, so you’d better not date a Russian woman if…

  1. you prefer to keep to yourself. If you are quite reserved and heart talk is not your cup of coffee, you won’t reach your Russian lady’s heart. Moreover, her style would seem to you over-emotional and even hysterical.
  2. the leadership role is not for you. However independent is your Russian friend, her ideal man is still a leader, a hunter, a hero. If these model roles are not your scene, you would never impress her.
  3. you don’t care much about your look. Imagine your first date face-to-face. She’s elegant and gorgeous, and you? It seems there are two alternatives — you take much care about your threads or you do not date a Russian girl;
  4. you are scarcely a good conversationalist. She’s really smart and to captivate your Russian friend, you should be as enthusiastic as she is. If you aren’t able to widen her horizons, it’ll be boring for her to date you;
  5. courting is not about you. Russian women want to be entertained with jokes and sweet talk, they like nice presents and require your attention. If you rather ignore this, don’t bother with dating a Russian girl.
  6. you hate Russian cuisine. Sooner or later, you will meet in Russia and you will find yourself in quite a new environment. Russian cuisine, nutritious and served in indeed big portions, is one of its realities. It will be offensive to dislike her dishes, so think twice.
  7. you are not ready to become a part of Russian family. If your Russian girl takes you seriously and is actually interested in you, note, her family is interested in you, too. It promises warm meetings, lots of interaction with all members. Don’t like it? Then give up the idea of dating a Russian woman.

How to date a Russian girl?

How to date a Russian girl

So, tips for dating Russian women — online or in person — are very simple:

  • be the leader;
  • speak a great deal about your life and try to present yourself well;
  • flirt with her and tell her jokes;
  • give her pleasant presents;
  • show her your tenderness and reliability, be attentive;
  • be a smart interlocutor

Russian women are physically attractive

Russian women are physically attractive. They are sexy. They can be either perfect wives or wonderful partners for fleeting encounters. To win the heart of one of these beauties, you will certainly have to make a lot of effort, but you will be generously repaid with either a happy meaningful relationship or wonderful dates full of pleasure and fun.