Lost Baggage: What to Do and How to Get Compensation

Lost Baggage: What to Do and How to Get Compensation

So, you’re standing at the baggage carousel watching the unending flow of baggage on the belt, and then suddenly it slows down and halts completely; your bags are nowhere in sight.

This is when the “Panic Strikes;” you’re frustrated, anxious and worried.

What to Do Next?

Don’t you worry, as here, in this article, we provide you with information on how to get your lost bags back or file compensation, in case the airline is unable to find them. Read on to find out:-

Head to the Baggage Claim Desk

Lost Baggage: What to Do and How to Get Compensation

First things first, as soon as you notice your baggage is missing, you should straightway go to the baggage claim desk — located near the baggage carousel at the airport.

Also, inform the staff nearby regarding your missing bags.

If you’re unable to identify any baggage claim desk at the airport, contact your airline support staff, and make them aware of the situation.

It is imperative that you provide every minute detail about your bags, and be polite — by showing your anger, you won’t be able to get your bags; instead, things may get worse. However, this is easier said than done, especially If you already have a fear of flying. So, first, deal with your phobia before boarding the flight. But how? Enrol for a professional flying anxiety program run by veteran pilots and crew members. They’ll provide you with the genuine knowledge that suggests how safe it is to travel by air, and you need nothing to worry about. They’ll also make you learn pro tactics to tame your anxiety.

File Baggage Report Instantly

If within minutes, the airline and airport staff are unable to find your bags, file a report for the lost baggage.

You need to fill out the Property Irregularity Report (PIR) form; you can get this from the airport staff. Ensure that you submit this form before leaving the airport.

To fill the form, you need the following information:-

  • Your reservation number.
  • Baggage tag number.
  • A detailed description of your baggage.
  • Your complete contact details.

Once you’ve filled the PIR form, submitted to the staff, you’ll get a copy of the report along with the filing number.

Make sure you don’t misplace it, as it is important for tracking your baggage. It would be best to take the contact number of the guy at the baggage desk.

Ask for an Overnight Kit

If you’ve lost your baggage while on your way to visit a foreign land for some business purpose or vacation, you require an overnight kit. You can quickly get the overnight kit by contacting the airline staff.

Most airlines have ready-made kits for such situations.

This kit is nothing but essential stuff  to survive a day in another country — such as toothbrush & toothpaste, soap, shampoo, t-shirt, deodorants, some snacks, etc.

Keep Tracking the Status

Once you’ve received an overnight kit; you can leave the airport, but your job is not done yet. Make a call to the airline staff about your baggage  status after a few hours. Do this for at least a week.

Deadlines for lost baggage claims

Most airlines follow these claim deadline patterns, for more information do contact the airline staff or visit their official website.

What’s Your Claim Deadline
Damaged Belongings 7 Days After Receiving Your Baggage
Missing Contents 7 Days After Receiving Your Baggage
Delayed or Missing Baggage 21 Days After the Flight
Lost Baggage Compensation As Soon as After Your Baggage Lost is Official After 21 Days


What To Do if You Are Not Happy With The Response of Your Airline?

If you’re not happy with the airline’s response, you can reach out to the CAA through their official website, and lodge a formal complaint against the airline.