Tips to Improve Your Skiing

For those of us who love skiing holidays Flaine, we know that there is always room for improvement in our skiing ability – which will enable us to maximise our own fun and enjoyment of the slopes each season.

From short turns and carving to dealing with difficult conditions – it only takes a small breakthrough in your technique to put a grin on your face. Here are some of the ways an average skier can improve their technique.

Short Turns

This is a very useful skill to master; short turns are parallel turns in a quick succession that are mainly used on narrow runs. This handy technique allows you to keep travelling down the slope at a constant overall speed.

Tip – turn the skis with your legs, a solid centred stance and good edging movement will help your legs to make all the necessary movements and help to keep your upper body still.


Perfect for skiers who love a bit of speed, ripping down a hill with a true carve is one of skiing’s most beautiful and graceful maneuvers.

Tip – in order to carve the perfect turn, you’ll need to get your skis on edge as early in the turn as you possibly can. This is achieved best when you’re pointing straight down the slope, by rolling the knees over so that the ski edges are digging into the snow and steering the skis across the slope.

Difficult Conditions

There will likely be days when you will find that it is extremely icy in the mornings, and as the day progresses the snow will begin to melt and the runs can then become a bit lumpy and difficult to navigate.

Tip – try to keep your speed down if the slopes are icy. You should also try to use your ski edges as much as possible and put your weight over the downhill ski. If you are faced with soft snow conditions, the snow can be moved around easily which can lead to a lot of falls – keep your legs close together at all times.

Mogul Skiing

To be able to ski moguls well, you need to be able to get a proper feel for what you are doing – you need to attack the moguls with complete confidence. This is a supreme ski discipline and can only be achieved through lots of determined practice – you should have mastery over short turns before attempting moguls.

Tip – you should use the ‘up force’ of the bump to then gently turn your skis around it. As your skis reach each bump, relax and let your knees compress upwards towards your chest.

Powder Skiing

We all know that gliding through fresh powder is up there with some of the finest feelings on skis (if you know what you’re doing!).

Tip –  there can be more resistance in powder, so in the deeper snow, make sure to build up enough speed before trying to establish a ‘bouncing’ rhythm by unweighting, turning and weighting both skis at the same time.