The Best Casinos In The Far East To Visit In 2021

The Best Casinos In The Far East To Visit In 2021

Whether you live in an Asian country like Japan or China, where gambling is prohibited, or are just looking to travel to the Far East to experience a whole new world of gambling, we’ve got you covered. While there are many facilities around the whole, these we are going to talk about have a unique vibe around them. They are the best of the best and should be treated as such. You, too, deserve to treat yourself to a trip to one of these places.

In the current day and age, the countries in South East Asia have far surpassed the Vegas strip in terms of both players and revenue. Singapore only’s got two casinos, and yet the money that flows to their pockets exceeds that of the whole of Nevada’s state by over ten times. Can you imagine how much cash is being gambled at the tables there? The quick answer is a ton.


You may be surprised by seeing this state taking the top spot on our review. Now, we are talking about the countries with the BEST casinos ever, not the most amount of casinos in a country, because there is only one in Malaysia. Quality over quantity, as they say.

The Resorts World Genting is unlike any other casino you have been to. Instead of being surrounded by a huge city with a never-ending workday, it’s located right between the border of two mountains. Just about a half-hour drive from the capital, there is nothing quite like this for you to see anywhere else in the world. You might think this is the most serene and calm place on Earth, but inside it’s soaring with over four hundred gaming tables and more than three thousand slotting machines. That’s impressive enough for me.

If we are talking land, there are more than two hundred thousand square feet of room for your betting activities. That’s probably all you need for you to walk around! With thousands of outdoor activities, five different hotels with more than seven thousand rooms (that’s actually a Guinness record), you also have plenty of choices where to stay and what to do besides spending your time in the casino. If you’d like to learn more about it, we suggest checking out an article about the best casino resort hotel in Malaysia at With a few clicks in your browser, you can translate the whole thing to English and get first-hand information from locals who spent there a great deal of time.


When the opportunity arrived, this country’s government did not wait long. Can you imagine how many locals started spending money in Singapore after gambling was made legal? Being one of the richest places on earth, its citizens have millions if not billions of dollars at their disposal to spend in the casinos. Adding to the fact that this is one of top tourist destination from all over the world seems like a totally reasonable scenario.\

If you are still not in the ballpark of the money that is spent there, here is a clue. Just two years after its opening, it surpassed both Macau and the Vegas strip in revenue combined. Now, these two are the most money-earning centric-establishments in the world, and perhaps the most known places to gamble on Earth. Monaco doesn’t stand anywhere close to Asia in these terms.

If you take a look at most of Singapore’s most famous photographs, you will notice an incredibly impressive skyline. The three pillars building that stands out, partly due to its weirdly shaped top (it looks like a ship), is actually one of the biggest casinos on the globe. About twenty-five percent smaller than Malaysia’s only casino, its area is a solid one-hundred and sixty thousand square feet. In case you go to the previously mentioned destination, and for some reason want to change facilities, Singapore is just an hour flight away from Kuala Lumpur.

When you are up for some table games, Marina Sands Bay Casino has to offer up to seven hundred different ones, and topping that up with two-thousand and five hundred slot machines. Definitely a place where you can lose, and if you are lucky win some money, this is our prime consideration for your extra luxury Asian gambling.

Closing Thoughts

These two are the top choice for your Far East desires. Either of those will shock you with its sheer size, grandeur, and betting opportunities. And in case you’d love to check out both, they are really close so more power to you.