Applied Mathematics Online Coaching and CBSE Class 12 Linear programming Syllabus

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CBSE Class 12 Linear Programming Syllabus

Before Starting Preparation it is important that you should know the detailed syllabus which will help you to know the important topics which can be asked in the exam.

Unit 1: Relations and Functions

This unit includes types of relations, reflexive, symmetric, transitive and equivalence relations etc.

Unit 2: Algebra

  • The solution of simultaneous linear equations using the elimination method up to three variables.
  • Matrices and types of matrices.
  • Algebra of matrices.
  • Determinants
  • The inverse of a matrix
  • Cramer’s rule and  its application
  • Simple applications of matrices and determinants including output model for the two variables.

Unit 3: Calculus

  • Application of derivatives
  • Increasing and Decreasing functions
  • Maxima and Minima
  • Marginal cost and marginal revenue using derivatives
  • Integration
  • Indefinites family of curves
  • Definite integral as area under  the curve
  • Integration of simple algebraic functions.
  • Application of Integration.

Unit 4: Probability

Probability is the important unit which includes following topics

  • Probability Distribution
  • Mathematical Expectation
  • Variance
  • Binomial Distribution
  • Poisson distribution
  • Normal distribution
  • Basic applications and inferences

Unit 5: Inferential Statistics

  • Population and sample
  • Parameter, statistic and statistical inferences
  • The t-Test (one-sample t-test and two independent groups t-test)

Unit 6: Index Numbers and Time-Based Data

The Index numbers and time based data includes the following topics

  • Index numbers use of index numbers
  • Construction of index numbers
  • Tests of the adequacy of index numbers (unit test and time-reversal test)
  • Trend analysis by moving average method
  • Trend analysis by the fitting of linear trend  line using the least squares

Unit 7: Financial Mathematics

The Financial Mathematics unit includes the following topics

  • Perpetuity, Sinking funds
  • Valuation of Bonds (Present value approach and  Relative price approach)
  • Calculation of EMI
  • Calculation of returns, nominal rate  of return,  effective rate of interest
  • Compound annual growth rate
  • Stock, shares and debentures
  • Linear method of depreciation

Unit 8: Linear Programming

  • This unit includes the Introduction and related terminologies which includes constraints, objective function, optimization.
  • Mathematical formulation of linear programming problems.
  • Different types of linear programming problems (Transportation and assignment problem)
  • Graphical method of solution for problems in two variable.
  • Feasible and infeasible regions (bounded and unbounded)
  • Feasible and infeasible solutions, optimal feasible solutions.

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