Moving Overseas? Top Relocation Tips

As you can imagine, or may already know, moving overseas can be a stressful process that requires a lot of careful planning and preparation. Between choosing where to live, booking flights, selecting a removalist and selling your home, it can be helpful to get some advice to ensure you’re on the right track come moving day. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list below of some of our top relocation tips to ensure you have a stress free move to your new country.

Choose a Good International Removalist

One of the most important tips that will make your moving overseas process that much easier is to hire an international removalist with a good reputation. A good international removalist will be able to offer expert advice in a number of areas of moving so that you can feel supported throughout the entire process. In addition, they should offer an end to end service where they pack, wrap, ship and deliver all your items without you having to lift a finger.

Do your Research

One of the most beneficial things you can do before you even decide where you want to move to is to research your new home. This is important because sometimes, you might have an idea of what a country or city is going to be like, which could be vastly different to the reality. Researching doesn’t have to be difficult, however, it can be as simple as googling what some of the cultural norms are, what the cost of living is, how the housing market is going and what sort of amenities are in the city you’re wanting to move to. Having a good understanding of small things like this before you move can alleviate a significant amount of stress come moving time. In the same way, it may help you realise that the city you wanted to move to might not be suitable for you.

Have your Documentation Sorted

Like most things, being organised throughout the moving process will help significantly when it comes to the time of your move. Because moving to a different country requires obtaining a Visa, finding a new job, finding a place to live and so much more, there is a fair amount of documentation that Is required to complete the process. Because of this, it’s a good idea to have copies of yours and your families birth certificates, drivers licences, passports and any other necessary documents on hand for ease of access.

Notify Providers

When moving overseas, unfortunately, you can’t just pick up and disappear; there are a few people and providers you need to communicate with first. Depending on your situation, these might include:

  • Your accountant
  • Your solicitor
  • Your bank
  • Any medical professionals you see regularly
  • Utilities (gas, water, electricity)
  • Your Real Estate agent, especially if you’re leasing a property or are a landlord
  • Insurers
  • Super providers
  • Australia post
  • Local council
  • Car registration
  • Australian Tax Office
  • The Electoral Commission

If you happen to move last minute and it’s too complicated to notify all of these providers before you move, it might be easier to grant power of attorney to a trusted friend, family member or your solicitor.

Searching for a Home

One of the most stressful parts of moving overseas can be finding somewhere to live. To make the process easier, it’s a good idea to give yourself as much time as you can to decide what you want to do with your existing property so that you know what your options are come moving time. Of course, if you’re renting, all you need to do is notify your landlord as soon as you know you’re moving so that they can start looking for new tenants. Once you have decided what you’re doing with your current living situation, you can begin the process of researching housing options in your new city. If you’re struggling with this process, most good international removalists should have a relocation service where a representative can attend inspections on your behalf.

With good preparation and the help of an international moving company you can trust, your move overseas can be simple and stress free.