How You Can Keep in Touch When Traveling

Whether you’re traveling for a short or long period, the last thing you want is to lose access to the internet, where you can find maps, book transportation, and find entertainment spots. This can be especially difficult when you go to a place where you don’t understand the native language, and you don’t know anyone who can take you around places safely.

You’d also want to be in touch with your loved ones at home and be reachable for emergencies at work, or be available to reach when necessary when you’re working remotely.

Traveling should be a fun experience and not one that’s brimming with stress because you lost your way and have no idea where to go because your online map isn’t loading. You can avoid the stress if you plan how to stay connected before beginning your adventure.

Here are ways you can do that:

Have the Right Phone and Plan.

Even if the place can provide access to the internet, not having the right mobile phone will make the access worthless. You can’t exactly use the internet if you don’t have a device you can use to connect.

As it’s likely that you’ll bring a phone instead of a laptop, make sure you get a phone that can access the internet just fine. A phone that has GPS and Wi-Fi will take you a long way when traveling, especially if it’s equipped with the right plan from your carrier, or better when you bring along a satellite hotspot with you. The latter can give you access to the internet anytime and anywhere in the world, which is extremely convenient.

Install Social Media Applications.

Now that you know what type of mobile phone you should bring with you during your travel, it’s time to load it up with social media applications that can help you stay connected with the people you know and keep them updated about your whereabouts.

You can also share your travel photos and stories on those platforms, which is a good way to give them a peek into your adventures in the great outdoors.

On the side of safety, make sure you use location tagging wisely. Pinpointing your exact location on social media platforms with people seeing your posts can either be dangerous or safe. It’s the former if your profile is open to public view, and it’s safe because in case you get into problems or lose contact with the people you know, they’ll know about your previous whereabouts, which can help them find you.

Use Video Chatting Platforms.

After gaining access to Wi-Fi or cellular networks, you can use video chatting platforms to talk to your loved ones at home. You can show them your current location and share the experience with them, albeit virtually.

Video chatting platforms are also a good way to ease homesickness. You get to see and hear your loved ones when you’re feeling lonely during your travels.

Download Messaging Platforms.

As you can’t send text messages through cellular networks when you’re abroad without costs, it’s a smarter move to use online messaging applications such as WhatsApp and other similar applications.

They’re free to use and are compatible with virtually every smartphone that can connect to the internet. Most of them also provide video and voice chat features. So, you get all-in-one applications.

Bring Power Banks.

You’ll never know the true power of power banks unless you go out for hours and lose battery power. They’re extremely portable and can produce a lot of juice for your mobile phone and other compatible gadgets such as your camera.

Having them in your bag of necessities when traveling will help you stay connected, and you can continue using maps and other applications that are necessary for your travel. If you’re fond of cashless transactions, you can avoid carrying cash or credit cards around if you have your power bank that can help your phone recharge for transactions.

There are plenty of good power bank brands out there. Make sure you chose the ones that provide a lot of battery juice and are priced right and not heavy as bricks.

While some people prefer to go offline when traveling to get away from the real world, others would love to share their experiences with their families and friends. If you’re one of the latter, staying connected is a necessity. Make sure you include how you’re going to gain access to the internet when planning your adventures.