Asia- The Best Digital Nomad Location

Working as a digital nomad is a dream that every person aspires to have today. It is a work while traveling kind of lifestyle. Freelancers and other telecommunication users are working as digital nomads.

What Makes Asia Preferable?

A common question that might be asked by digital nomads is why they should choose Asia over other places. Here is a list of common factors that shall make you choose Asia.

  • Above all is the cheap living over here. The lifestyle is pretty simple and the cost of living is less as compared to western countries.
  • If you are a person with an adventurous soul then no doubt that Asia is the place for you. The greenery around you shall provide you with a pleasant working environment.
  • Moreover, Asia has many countries that are surrounded by water. For example Thailand has a numerous number of water surrounded cities.
  • Asia has also been promoting freelancing. Remote work in Asia has a comparatively higher rate and this is why they have created many coworking hubs across many countries in Asia.
  • The friendly environment in Asia makes you feel at home. The people of Asia are hospitable and easy to interact with.

Countries To Stay At

Here is a short list of a few countries in Asia that have great coworking hubs for digital nomads. This article provides you with short details and has gathered for you the best countries you can choose to stay at. For more information regarding these countries you can always explore the web before making any final decisions.


  • The environment in the Philippines is clean and fresh. The locals are friendly and many worth visiting places are located here.


  • The country is famous for its friendly locals. The cost of living is surprisingly low. There are many beaches and also mountains. The country is perfect for digital nomads with an adventurous soul.


  • The country is famous for its delicious food. The country is also well known for its vast culture.


  • The vast history and charms of the city make it a must visit place. The cost of living is low but rent is a bit high.


  • India is a state that has a high rate of people working as digital nomads and it makes the country a good option. It has great food and vast culture as well.

This is a short list of countries that are a must choose in case you wish to travel while working.