Things to Know Before Throwing Ashes in the Ocean

Things to Know Before Throwing Ashes in the Ocean

Spreading your family member’s ashes in the ocean may be a more peaceful way to pay tribute to him. Always consider your options for how you want to get this in order. Take some sound measures beforehand to help everything go smoothly. Here are some things to know before throwing ashes in the ocean.

Understand the Protocol

If you plan to hire a boat to scatter ashes, always know what’s required to do things safely and legally. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires you to scatter human remains at least three nautical miles from the shore.However, the length may vary for each state. Not to mention, some states may require that the body you drop the ashes in must be a certain amount of feet deep as well.

Don’t forget to use decomposable materials. If you use a container that’s not biodegradable, you have to take it back with you. You can’t just drop it into the ocean because it’ll contaminate the water.

Additionally, it would pose a risk to sea life.

Pack the Ashes Properly

Even if you decide to use a plastic bag to hold the ashes, you want to put them in a stable container. Think about this on days where the wind may kick up a bit. You want to have sturdy bags that don’t get holes when you carry them to the destination.

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If multiple want to be involved in the ash ceremony, pack the cremated remains in separate bags. Be clear on who’s participating in the ceremony to get the ideal amount of containers.

Choose biodegradable urns to dissolve into the water. It’ll be more sanitary and convenient for you to have at the ceremony.

Get Ready to Spread the Ashes

Always check the wind to see which way it blows. You don’t want to  out the ashes and have them fly on your clothes (let alone get in your face). Bring some cups with you.

It’s much easier to dispose of human remains by scooping the ashes up with a cup. You don’t have to worry about it getting all over your hands. Also, multiple people can do this at the same time.

Add some background music from your deceased loved one’s favorite playlist. It can create a soothing atmosphere as you remember your fondest moments with your loved one.

Prepare yourself for each step of the ceremony to help make it a successful gathering.