Here Formation a list of Some Best Melbourne Bars of 2022

Melbourne is a unique arrangement when it comes to bars. There is a huge range of bars, from grand-scale favorite bars to laneways filled with hidden bar & cocktail spots whisky bars, and wine shops. Whatever your drink of choice, you are bound to come across it, and there are a few in Melbourne. Make sure to go to a bar where the bartender is knowledgeable about the best way to make a cocktail browse our pick of the top bars melbourne.


The five-story labyrinth that is located within the CBD might be brand new, but it has already staked its claim to be one of the top bars you can find in Melbourne. The collective that runs Abory Bar and Arbory Float, HER features its own, styled bar with a Parisian design as well as a listening bar that is dedicated and an upscale Thai barbecue restaurant, and a European-style garden rooftop bar. In a 120-year-old old building, that has something for everyone. Her for all ages, with every level having its individual atmosphere and drinks menu with wines, cocktails, and beers. There are many times to visit before fully enjoying everything that the place can offer.

Popularity of Rooftop Bars

One of the most popular bars in Melbourne, Rooftop has long been a popular spot to grab a drink in a hurry or during a long afternoon that continues into the evening. On top of the famous Curtain House Rooftop is now enjoying a stunning makeover from its initial hidden interior, and is now decorated with plenty of wooden places to put your feet in. The bar menu is packed with the most popular drinks, with local and imported beer Seltzers, wines, and seltzers to keep you entertained. Bartenders are eager to give some suggestions for their cocktails of choice, such as the “Afternoon Delight which is made using Poor Tom’s Imbroglio Apricot liquor, lime, and pineapple juice, lime bitters, and chili. When paired with CBD sunshine, a combination’s heaven on earth.

Therefore, melbourne rooftop bars is a favorite hangout spot for drinks after work there’s more to the menu than just the usual drinks. There is an extensive range of cocktails, beers, cider, and a selection of wine that is refreshing. Fries and burgers are also offered to satisfy your hunger.

Pearl Diver Cocktails & Oysters

Pearl Diver Cocktails & Oysters is exactly what is stated on the tin and much more. The first is the oysters, which are sourced in season from all over the United States. They are served in three ways: raw or dressed, and then cooked. There is no way to go wrong with whatever method you choose, but you’d be foolish not to get the natural dressing with the Pearl Diver’s signature Martini. The cocktails are also thoughtful and designed to be paired with the drink you’re drinking with a bright and vibrant light Coconut + Yuzu goes down extremely well, however, there are no bad options here.

Paradise Alley

Best Melbourne Bars - 2022 Complete CBD Guide

There is something distinctly Collingwood in Paradise Alley. Just a few feet from Easey Street, the bar is hidden away in quiet lanes. Always full to the brim Paradise’s appeal is due to its secret outdoor seating, which wraps around the lively and energetic inside, where DJs spin records, and the staff bustling at the front of the bar. The old industrial space is part of the ambiance of Paradise with beams that are exposed dominating the space. There are varieties of craft beers, small-batch gins, as well as wines of all varieties.

Byrdi CBD 

Simple, Refined, Elegant. In just three words, you have everything you need to be aware of Byrdi. The CBD bar is unique in its way of serving its menu that is using local and indigenous ingredients. The drinks menu is a mix of experimental drinks and highballs made with exciting blends, including the fermented fortified and smoke Yarra Valley Pear. This drink includes Strangelove the pear-flavored soda. In addition to cocktails, Byrdi also has a delicious food menu that has made it one of the top bars to visit in Melbourne. The food menu has a variety of tasty dishes that are perfect with whatever you are drinking in the glass. Look at the toast of prawns with pepper berry mayo or the stracciatella topped with Baker Bleu sourdough.