Fun Tours to Do in Amsterdam

Zaanse Schans windmill tour

The idea of traveling and going places is all fun and games until you have to sit down and do the planning. Searching for the best hotels to stay in, all the tourist spots of the place that you want to visit, which flights to book. On top of that, you also have to make sure that you stay within budget. Fortunately, we have plenty of travel companies and agencies these days. These organizations are there to take care of all the boring parts of traveling for us.

So, if you are planning a trip to Amsterdam and would like some help from the travel agencies and companies, here are some of the tours that you can book;

Private Day Trip to Rotterdam and Kinderdijk

Rotterdam is on the second number when it comes to the largest cities of Amsterdam. And Kinderdijk is the perfect, charming, and rustic village that you would expect a Dutch rural area to look like. Both of these are just one day trip away from Amsterdam and perfect to book a tour for.

Triggertours are perfect for this. Their private day trip to Rotterdam and Kinderdijk. Their tour includes a visit to the Zaanse Schans windmill tour complex; a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a boat tour, the historical landmarks of Rotterdam, and the architectural sights.

In between the tours you also get some free time to explore the places on your own.

Private Amsterdam Food Tour with Food Tastings

Whenever someone is planning a trip somewhere, especially international trips, trying the traditional cuisines is always something that’s among their priorities. However, searching for all the foods and cuisines specific to the region is extremely difficult. Then comes the issue of best places to get them, also staying within budget. One wouldn’t want all their travel budget to spend on food.

Triggerours took care of this problem for us through their food tour. Their food tasting tour is a 2-hour delicious adventure that will be the highlight of your trip. While you are busy eating all the luscious food, they will also fill you with interesting facts about Dutch food culture and things that the local people love to eat. In between the tour, you will also get the chance to visit sites like the old church, the Royal Place, China Town, and what is known as the narrowest street of Amsterdam.

Private Amsterdam Anne Frank and Jewish Quarter Tour

The Anne Frank and Jewish Quarter tour is one of the best ways to explore the history of Amsterdam. This particular tour focuses on the Jewish history of Amsterdam. During the tour, you also visit the horrors of the Second World War. You also visit the Anne Frank museum and get to know about her life. Some of the other museums and monuments that are included in this tour are The Joods Historisch Museum and The Auschwitz Monument.

All of these tours are private so they are extremely flexible. In some of them, the guide personally picks you from your hotel room as well.