Enchanting Things You Must Try When In Germany


With over 2000 years of rich history, Germany is one of the most culturally fascinating places to visit. Their dense forests and breathtaking mountain ranges could be something out of a storybook. Their architecture too. Your visit will be anything but boring with all that Germany has to offer. Check out our list of must try things to do while visiting this wondrous place:

See Magic Castles

We mentioned that Germany has fairytale-like architecture right? Well that’s because on top of all the magnificent cathedrals, homes and churches, Germany has some of the most beautiful and well preserved castles in the world. visit the 12th century styled lichtenstein castle or the spectacular eltz castle which overlooks the elzbach river. there is also the frankenstein castle, for you old horror fans. the birthplace to the eccentric alchemist who’s been said to have inspired the tale.

Visit Germans Museums

With a history as vast and as complex as Germany has, it can hardly come as a surprise that there are loads of museums. These museums are some of the most visited of all the German tourist attractions. There is the Museum of Unheard Things, filled with stories and loads of other mysterious things. There is also a museum, the Stasi Museum, that is all about the secret police and situated in their old headquarters! And that’s just scratching the surface. There are just too many great ones to list.

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Explore Germany on the Road

Having a road trip is probably the best way to make the most of any trip. This way you get to experience more of what the country has to offer. Take a trip from Steinau to Trendelburg, along what the locals call the fairytale road. This is because it runs from the birthplace of the brothers Grimm to Trendelburg castle which is home to Rupunzels tower. There are shorter drives too. It only takes two hours to get from Frankfurt to Cologne. The good news is that Germany car rental services accept your local licenses, you will fins more information here: https://www.autoprio.com/en-car-rental-germany/. However, if you want to have extra assurance that you will have a smooth Germany rent a car experience, you can get an international drivers license Which only costs about $15.


No list of things to do in Germany would be complete without mentioning the festivals. Especially because Germany is home to Oktoberfest, perhaps the largest festival in the world. Where over 7 million liters of beer is drunk every year. There is also the world renowned Reeperbahn, in Hamburg. During which, nearly 800 concerts are performed at various venues throughout the city. This happens over the course of just 4 days and is the largest club festival in the whole of Europe.

Germany is by far one of the most memorable trips you can take no matter what you choose to do. You definitely won’t go hungry either as there is no shortage of their delicious local cuisine. So pack your bags and get ready to enjoy the fairytale that is Germany.