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I don’t understand why people are so triggered. If I was into sneakers like this, I would want to know, and even just seeing this video and not being into sneakers, was interesting. And I think that one of his points go to the fact that even a celebrity with their connections and influence can be scammed, then so can we. Soulja Boy seems to have thin skin and knows he’s wearing fakes, but whatever. And I think that a lot of the shoes are overpriced and also some of them aren’t even good quality, like his first pair, BUT that’s a problem to have with the industry, not him. He doesn’t sell shoes or dictate prices. He’s just a fan.

And to everyone saying that the conditions are bad for the makers of the real thing too, then turn that energy on creating petitions and reaching out to the celebs that promote and own the shoes. And get rid of your iphone while you’re at it and your levi jeans, because those are two companies with a lot of human rights violations in China. Don’t blame this guy, he’s just an instagram “”star.”” Blame the companies, celebrities, higher ups, and then actually try to do something about it.”

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So expensive, damn
I just got to flaunt it
Got to show em
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Just wanted to way in here on the fakes/real discussion. I’m just home after a trip to China for a month. In Shanghai every single person wears designer brands. But the majority of them are fake. Just because the amount of “”Supreme”” and “”Yeezys”” you see every day is so high that it makes zero sense that every regular Joe could afford them. Now i went to a counterfeit mall where they sell everything. Absolutely every brand of clothing, footwear or accessories. And I have to say, they look the exact same. very very close to the real thing, and a lot of the time I couldn’t tell the difference at all. Its just unfortunate that in places like New York, LA, and Shanghai the market is so saturated that everyone immediately assumes that u have fakes. Its different here in Ireland where I live. Most people don’t wear Yeezys or shit like that so if you see someone wearing them you would never think they were wearing fakes.

So the solution is to live somewhere a little more remote and your sneaker rep will never be questioned, or stop being a little hypebeast bitch and buy a pair of real grown up shoes that you can wear to a real job.

Fucking Nerds.