10 Absolute Best Foods in Brisbane for Food Lovers

If you’re visiting Brisbane for its food or a local who wants to explore the rich food culture in the city, you should first know what to try. With the many outstanding restaurants, cafes, bakeries and eateries offering authentic cuisine and great-looking dishes, you might get lost at which food to get and experience. Here’s a list of the 10 absolute best foods in Brisbane that you should include in your bucket list.

1. Baklava from Sooo Sweet

Sooo Sweet is a Lebanese Bakery that serves traditional Lebanese and Mediterranean pastries and delicacies. You can opt to dine in and enjoy their sweet treats or take away their packages of goodies. Among them is the best-tasting baklava you can have in Brisbane. This rich, sweet pastry is made with sheets of phyllo dough and filled with a variety of chopped nuts.

Other equally mouth-watering treats are maamul or Arabic biscuits that are filled with walnuts, pistachios or dates and deep-fried filo pastries filled with chocolate and kashta cheese, which are called znoods.

2. Pickle Me Elmo burger from Hashtag Burgers and Waffles

Looking for the best burgers in Brisbane? If you’re in the West End or Fortitude Valley, go and find Hashtag Burgers and Waffles. The place offers good food that can make you feel satisfied – chicken burgers, beef burgers, vegetarian burgers, sides and desserts that are funky and unique. One of their best is Pickle Me Elmo, which has a moist lean beef patty with onions, cheese, pickles and smoky bacon. Dressed with ketchup and mustard on the buns, it’s bursting with savoury flavour.

3. Prosciutto pizza from Beccofino

In addition to a good selection of wine and beer, Beccofino has a great range of interesting pizzas and specials. It consistently makes the best pizzas in the area, and the prosciutto is on top. It’s divine. It’s exploding with spectacular umami flavours. You just know that it’s made with quality ingredients. Delicious, authentic Italian flavours.

4. Kung Tung seafood from Phat Boy

Who doesn’t love seafood? If you want a buffet of seafood that you can dive in, it’s Kung Tung seafood spread from Phat boy. It’s a spicy chilli seafood feast that will let you feel like you’re eating on the streets of Thailand. You can get your hands dirty and feel satisfied with seafood flavour without worrying about how to clean up after. Kung Tung seafood spread is poured on the table and meant to be shared so bring some company when you decide to try it.

5. Crab soufflé from Montrachet

Montrachet’s seasonal menu is not just about wines and cocktails. All of their entrees are superb but don’t forget to get their crab soufflè. That’s a double-baked soufflé with crab meat and gruyère cheese finished with a light cream bisque. It’s so light and airy with delicious, savoury crab flavour.

6. Massaman curry from sAme sAme

It’s another Thai dish on the list. sAme sAme does take the heat and flavour of Asian cooking in their dishes. This modern Thai restaurant gives Thai street food an elegant take. One of their best is the creamy Massaman curry with twice-cooked lamb shank. It’s a fusion of Thai- and Indian-style curries with red curry paste, whole spices and peanuts, which add richness and texture to the dish.

7. Salted caramel gelato from La Macelleria

You should not miss this entry from two Italian gelato masters from Bologna, Matteo Z. and Matteo C. The salted caramel gelato from La Macelleria has a perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness to it, ideal for those who are not much into sweet treats but want something to wash down their meals. This gelato is made from fresh milk, fresh cream, sugar and natural flavours, and they do it in the real and traditional way of making gelato.

8. American-style pies from Pie Town

Made from seasonal, local produce, the American-style pies of Pie Town are all made by hand. Whether it’s a slice or a whole pie, every bite has that flavour you’re looking for a pie. Pie Town has both savoury and sweet pies. Their chicken pot pie and cheeseburger pie are the best! You can even go vegan and gluten-free with their meatless mince pie. Apple pie? Banoffee pie? Key lime pies? They all have it there.

9. Crispy fried chicken bao from Mr Bunz

If you want something Chinese, check out Mr. Bunz. Their crispy spiced fried chicken bao is amazing! It’s super tasty with soft and freshly made bunz, not frozen and steamed. They do it from scratch every morning. Their other flavours are crackling roasted pork belly and Peking duck with crispy skin.

10. Breakfast Carbonara at Morning After

Don’t be surprised. It’s pappardelle, mushrooms, 63-degree egg, smoked pancetta and manchego in the morning. Why not? Get those gooey eggs running over a deconstructed pile of pasta to get you going.

Brisbane’s food scene can be overwhelming, but this list can make it easier for you. Start eating your way through them now.