Top 11 Bucket List Foods to Eat in Sydney, Australia

Sydney is rich in food experience. The diverse cultures and the constantly evolving tastes of the locals are one reason why you should have a bucket list of food to eat in the city. With plenty of unique flavours and places to enjoy, Sydney is definitely a spot that you’ll love!

Here are some places you need to try when you’re in Sydney:

1. Spice Alley

If you are looking for Asian food, Spice Alley is the place to go. You can find hawker stalls that serve Thai, Malaysian, Chinese, and Japanese food. Make sure to bring your card since they accept cashless payments. What makes the place interesting is the bring-your-own utensils. To avoid the crowd, visit the place before lunch. It is located in Chippendale behind Kensington Street and Central Park shopping centre.

2. Quay

If you want to experience world-class dining, head over to Quay, one of Australia’s popular restaurants. Imagine dining in with a stunning view of Harbour Bridge and Opera House while enjoying the work of art of Chef Gilmore, known for his exquisite food experience. Try their well-loved Snow Egg.

3. Saint Peter

If you love seafood, you don’t want to miss Saint Peter in Paddington. The restaurant offers a reinvention of the seafood experience. You will be surprised at the creativity and resourcefulness of Chef Josh Niland. Chips from fish eyes or John Dory with a sauce made from its own bones and roe, these are just a glimpse of what you’ll get from Saint Peter.

4. Koi Desserts

Craving for pastries and sweets?  Drop a visit at Koi Dessert Bar and try their Moss Jar, a delicious dessert filled with caramel jelly, matcha soil, apple jelly, pistachio, dill, and pistachio mousse. This popular dessert is created by the Poernomo brothers, Masterchef alumnus.

5. Meat District

There are plenty of manly restaurants in Sydney and if you want to explore exotic food options, you can have a bite of kangaroo meat in Meat District located in King Street Wharf. The meat is grilled and served with Truffle mash potato and Jack Daniel sauce. What’s more, their Happy Hour starts from 3 pm to 6 pm.

6. Harry Café de Wheels

Get a taste of Tiger Pie, one of Australia’s oldest food trucks. They have been serving for 80 years and include popular customers such as Prince Harry, Elton John, and Frank Sinatra. Located in Woolloomooloo dockyard, Sydney. The Tiger Pie consists of beef pie with mashed potato, peas, and gravy.

7. Automata

Add into the food experience in Sydney by signing up for a degustation dining in Automata. Even more, a reason to visit is the affordable price it offers to the customers. If you want to experience innovative food trends, this is where you should go. They are located in Kensington St, Chippendale. However, bookings are monthly so you need to book fast. For those who want hunts for food adventure and exciting taste, Automata is a place to be.

8. Gelato Messina

One of the best gelatos in town, Gelato Messina has been serving the customers for a decade. It has 35 regular flavours and has five weekly specials. You can find them in Victoria St., Darlinghurst. Where both locals and tourist flocks to get a taste of this well-loved gelato.

9. Sydney Fish Market

Sydney Fish Market is a must-visit. You will enjoy fresh seafood served from various restaurants such as the Deep Seafood Café and Fisherman’s Wharf. If you love oysters or simple fish and chips, head over to the Sydney Fish Market.

10. 10 William Street

If you are looking for some drinking time, 10 William Street is a local favorite. This wine bar and restaurant offer Italian food, good wine, and a place to chill. Get your hands in their soft pretzel, pasta, and perfectly made tiramisu.

11. Hubert

Hubert is perfect for group dinner. Here you get to enjoy not only good food but also the overall dining experience that makes it a memorable restaurant in Sydney. Located in a basement while listening to the live band and eating French cuisine, the theatrics will make you love the place.  It’s perfect for a hot date or fun time with your group of friends.


You will never run out of food choices when you’re in Sydney. From comfort food to fine dining, you can find almost all sorts of choices around the city. Australia has many world-renowned chefs and restaurants, as well as common comfort food you’ll find on the street.

Due to the current pandemic situation, make sure to contact them in advance or search for their current opening hours before heading out to the area. There might be changes and you wouldn’t want to end up disappointed and wasting your time.