Review Of The AFIKIM Afiscooter S 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter

Review Of The AFIKIM Afiscooter S 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter

The AFIKIM Afiscooter S4 mobility scooter is one of the best, luxury mobility scooters on the market today. The Afiscooter S4 is an excellent product equipped with the best features and functions with the possibility of further adapting the device to the needs and wishes of the driver.

This article will recommend the Afiscooter S4, formerly known as the Breeze S. The Afiscooter S4 is a luxurious heavy duty mobility scooter with an impressive look, which can be available in the following colors:

·         Black gray

·         Blue metal

·         Metallic silver

These attractive colors have a positive effect on drivers especially when traveling and parking. This quality mobility scooter gives solid performance with the ability to ride at a maximum speed of 7.4 mph. The long-distance mobility scooter with a 75 AMP battery can travel 28 miles on a full charge. The carrying capacity of the Afiscooter S4 is an incredible 450 pounds.

It is powered by a powerful 1400-watt motor powered by a 75 Ah battery. You can upgrade to a 100Ah battery for more performance.

This powerful long-range scooter has excellent shock absorbers and versatile suspension. It has a high headroom of 5 inches and a slope of 11.3 degrees for managing sleeping slopes. This scooter has four lower wheels and standard pneumatic wheels.

AfiScooter S4 is one of the most customized scooters you will find. It comes in the same colors as the Afiscooter S3, with the same seat size options, front and rear storage and other modifications.

Thanks to its high performance, this scooter can reach a maximum speed of 9.3 mph and a range of 28 miles.

The Afiscooter S4 may have additional accessories such as a windshield and cab. The weatherproof cover offers excellent protection against the weather. For a better luxury mobility scooter experience, buy a massive plexiglass hood, which offers practical use, i.e. seeing the clouds above you while driving.

This four-wheel off-road scooter has a fully adjustable folding orthopedic seat, standard air wheels and a 5-inch ground clearance. Your safety and comfort are guaranteed, as the scooter has an adjustable helmet, front and rear storage compartments, powerful LED headlights and an LCD display.

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