10 Best Attractions to Visit in Egypt


Tourists come to Egypt to enjoy its great fabulous civilization through visiting the hypnotic attractions & landmarks that can be found all around its glorious cities and each landmark stands as a great part of history and narrates all of the incredible events that have happened throughout the history of Egypt. You can arrange different trips to Egypt to be able to visit some of the most glorious attractions & landmarks that date back to thousands of years of a great civilization and all of them represent the breathtaking cultures in Egypt. There are so many places to visit, hundreds of activities to do, thousands of destinations to explore just like snorkeling & diving in the Red Sea, visiting the amazing tourist attractions in Egypt, exploring the Islamic & Coptic attractions all around Egypt especially those in Old Cairo and much more and here is your guide to the best 10 tourist attractions to visit in Egypt.

1. Giza Pyramids Complex


Giza Pyramids Complex is located in the vicinity of the southwestern suburbs of Cairo and they are considered by nearly everyone in the world, the greatest and the most notable site to visit. The Complex contains inside the great impressive Pyramid of Khufu which is the most impressive attraction in the whole world because of its magical size, how accurate it was built, and the number of years it took to be built and that is why it is known to be one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the most visited one. In the Complex, there are also two other huge pyramids that were built for Khafre & Menquare who were the son and the grandson of king Khufu and both of them are so notable and amazing to visit and spend some time touring around.

That is not all about Giza as there are lots of breathtaking sites to visit and spectacular attractions to explore including the interesting mythical Sphinx, the mysterious Valley Temple, the terrific Step Pyramid of Saqqara, the majestic Memphis city with its extraordinary attractions, and land but not least enjoy a visit to Dahshur Pyramids to know all about them and explore more and more about the great culture & civilization of ancient Egypt.

2. The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities


If you are interested in ancient history and you hope to visit as many ancient artifacts, treasures, mummies, and antiques, you should definitely pay a visit to the charming Egyptian Museum which is the home to the most exciting and amazing items ever been found in Egypt that are more than 120,000 magnificent items which represent different civilizations, various cultures, and the best types of art in Egypt.

The majority of tourists who come to spend their vacations in Egypt dream about arranging a visit to that impressive museum to explore the terrific artifacts that belong to the Ancients and among the best things to see inside the Egyptian Museum is with no doubt the room where the treasures of King Tut were collected after being discovered in his tomb in the Valley of the Kings. The mummy room inside the museum contains 27 royal mummies so if you are a history lover, you will admire being in such a magical sight.

3. Abu Simbel Temples Complex


There are lots of impressive temples in Egypt especially on its Upper Part where Royal Pharaohs used to live and Abu Simbel Temples are considered the most prestigious ones of them and they really deserve to be visited and spend that long time to reach since it takes around 3 hrs by car to reach the site of Abu Simbel Temples from Aswan. There, you will find two of the most beautiful temples ever been built by a man which were commissioned by King Ramses II to commemorate himself as a great pharaoh to Egypt and the small temple was built under his orders for his wife, Queen Nefertari to show her and the whole world how much love he carried to her.

Although the Temples complex was relocated in 1960 as they were threatened to be destroyed after the construction of Aswan High Dam, the two temples have the same shape and greatness. “Tours to Egypt” travel agency is specialized in arranging the most interesting tours to Abu Simbel temples from anywhere you are in Egypt to make the best out of your time in Egypt.

4. Egypt Nile Cruises


If you want to know the best way to explore the captivating temples, chapels, tombs, and monuments in Luxor & Aswan, you need to follow the old way which is cruising the majestic Nile River while boarding a good 5* deluxe Nile Cruise and that way, you will enjoy a lifetime adventure in Egypt’s lifeline since ancient times “The Nile River”.

It is a very interesting & safe adventure to enjoy in Egypt which enables Egypt’s guests to explore all about its hidden and well-known treasures and such tours start from Luxor and also from Aswan with different schedules and you just need to determine the duration of your Nile Cruise to be either for four/five/eight days tour and the pickup & drop off points to make sure you are booking a Nile Cruise that best matches your schedule. You can get more information about Nile cruise through checking this article “Best Nile River Cruise Travel Guide 2021”.

5. The Red Sea


In addition to the whole amazing cultural tours that can be arranged in Egypt, there are extra fun & interesting things to do on its coastal part especially with the great number of beaches, all-inclusive hotels, and resorts that the coastal cities include inside and that definitely allow Egypt’s guests to enjoy the best dream recreational vacations ever in the Egyptian cities like Hurghada & Sharm El-Sheikh. You can see there, lots of coral reefs, fabulous types of fish, have the most amusing snorkeling & diving trips, and have also safari excursions by quads in Egypt’s desert & camp below the astronomical Egyptian sky.

6. Valley Of the Kings


It is somehow hard to find lots of great ancient things & artifacts collected in one place except if you decided to head to museums in Egypt, rather than this, you will find lots of attractions scattered in different spots but when it comes to the Valley of the Kings on the west bank of Luxor, you will find that it is totally different since it contains inside more than 66 royal tombs of the greatest rulers, Pharaohs, and ancient kings ever ruled Egypt. You will find there the hypnotic tomb of King Ramses II, Seti I, and the special one of the young Pharaoh, king Tutankhamun which has been the most famous one due to the “Curse of Pharaoh” that was mentioned after the opening of that tomb.

7. Karnak Temples Complex


While being in that complex, you will be able to enjoy the most fascinating tour since it is the largest temple ever been established and it doesn’t represent only one Pharaoh, but so many accomplishments & the success of lots of kings & Pharaohs along with the ancient history of Egypt. Inside that complex, you can find three great main temples of Amun-Ra, Mut, and Khonsu, smaller enclosed temples, and a huge Hypostyle Hall that contains 134 incredible columns which are arranged in 16 rows.

8. Dahab


This amazing piece of art is located north of Sharm El-Sheikh on the Gulf of Aqaba and although it has been a totally isolated coastal village, it has turned out to be the most famous coastal tourist destination starting from 1980. You can find their lots of accommodation options and tens of activities to practice including snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, and allows tourists also to enjoy the best jeep & camel rides and that is why tourists take this site as one of the most favorable vacation destinations while planning a tour in Egypt.

9. Ibn Tulun Mosque


This mosque is on the top list of the most interesting mosques in Egypt and it was built between 876 & 879 AD. The Abbassid Egyptian governor Ahmed Ibn Tulun was the one who commissioned this amazing mosque. It is famous for its beautiful Minaret that looks similar to the well-known minaret in Samarra. The most notable thing about it is that lots of parts of James Bond’s movie “The Spy Who Loved Me” were filmed at this gorgeous mosque so make sure you have a look at it while being in Egypt.

10. Siwa Oasis


In order to experience more interesting and fabulous activities in Egypt, you need to visit the amazing Libyan Desert that has the beautiful Siwa Oasis, and what makes it really special is that it contains the most captivating natural springs t& palm trees which give travelers a respite from the trade route. Lots of hotels were established in the area that uses more local materials & has local styles.